We expect that GMK keycaps are worth it. GMK keycaps are worth it. Not all manufacturers are open, but orders for those are placed. Late Items have arrived at CannonKeys! Late January 2022: Items have shipped to us from Wuque. Delay on account of COVID outbreak at the manufacturing facility. January 2022: Transport to members shortly. Delay email despatched out to participants en route to the warehouse via sea shipping. Darkish gray shipping out to customers quickly! Accounting for worldwide shipping slowdowns and the backup on the port at LA, we optimistically suppose that these will ship in Might, which might slip to June. We anticipate shipping the darkish gray J-02s sometime in late June or early July.

The producer responded to an update request saying they’re still on the monitor for Q3. For many mechanical keyboard hobbyists, the identify GMK – a manufacturer based in Germany that produces Cherry profile keycaps – is synonymous with many very fine-high high-quality keycaps spherical. Awaiting samples from the manufacturer On account of rolling energy outages in China and a holiday in October, this has been delayed. If you are on the lookout for a cheap alternative to your present caps, then you should consider getting GMK keycaps. I am already trying forward to comply with a brand new design; I am going to try to keep plate compatibility with V1. Another factor to take note of is that some GMK keycap sets, such because the GMK Lazurite, are meant to fit with certain keyboards completely gmkkeycap.com.

The mechanical keyboard that we bought has a keycap set that has mediocre quality, particularly for a mid-range mechanical keyboard; this is the explanation why I replaced my keycap set with a keycap set made with prime quality PBT or ABS materials. Shopping for a brand new set of keycaps can provide a new and higher experience when typing or playing games, so buying a new set of keycaps may be very useful for residence proprietors of mechanical keyboards. Abs or PBT keycaps set? Finding the following set of keycaps for your keyboard may be difficult to do. If your keyboard does not have a GMK structure, you need to use a keyboard converter to transform the GMK keycaps to the layout of your keyboard.