Among a group of young product planners who dazzled engineers and administration with this automobile was Donald E. Petersen, who in later years would develop into President of Ford Motor Company and then Chairman of the Board. Petersen satisfied management that an automobile with a low roof profile might be constructed without sacrificing inside headroom. Ford built , “Skyliners” for , and  Crown Victorias “with transparent roof” for , then a mere 0 Crown Victoria “Skyliners” for  the quotes being official Ford jargon throughout those years. Previously to this project, Ash had developed the Plexiglas roof concept for the ‘ Ford. The Plexiglas was high in  although he never did take full credit for the design.

The top of the center ought to exd beyond the top of the jar and appear to be ears. Interiors had been accomplished primarily by the late L. David Ash, whose declaration to fame was the clear peek-a-boo prime, was first seen on the  Ford Skyliner and Mercury Solar Valley. The equal Mercury Solar Valley first appeared in  and bought , copies.  Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria. It may be argued that the immediate inspiration for Ford’s Crown Victoria was the Mystere. He was assigned to take part in the full-size clay modeling of the  Special Victoria. The  Ford was completed underneath Frank Hershey, who was fired by George Walker as soon as he took over Ford’s growing styling department in . Helping Hershey were Bob Maguire and Damon Woods, each now deceased, and John Najjar and Arrk Querfeld, both now retired in Florida.

Ford stylist John Najjar repeated the peek-a-boo theme on the ‘ Ford “Astra-Dial Management Panel,” which was continued in the ‘s. However, the speedometer was slightly flated to scale back reflections within the windshield. The stylists who worked on the Mystere were Invoice Boyer, L. David Ash, Frank Hershey, and John Najjar. Joe Oros, who worked for George Walker’s exterior styling group at the time and later became director of Ford styling, claims that the Mystere did circuitously inspire production vehicles. Oros conds there have been quite a few styling “themes” being developed on the time that had been carried out on the Mystere,  on many manufacturing cars.