And the chief driver supporting the progress is actually the change in accounts receivable SEK2 billion reduced on account receivable at the end of Q1, 2020, versus 2019. We are more or less flat at the end of Q1 without SEK130 million minus SEK1.8 billion in precisely the identical stage this past year. Tax prices at 24.6 vs. 23.2 from the previous calendar year, much in accord with our advice and nothing uncommon from that which we find in Q1. Thus like-for-like operating earnings, excluding things that we had from the previous season is 16.86, moving to 14.24, therefore 12.3% operating margin going to 11.7percent, as Henric explained. I have said, we’ve got no issues affecting comparability essential switch accessories from the calendar year.

Moving to the balance sheet, and ” I feel a few things to phone out, we begin with the stock. Therefore, if we strip away the FX impact and we will really find that a SEK1.1 billion progress in stock, which will be 9 percent—a continuation which the stock advancement that we revealed throughout H2 of year’s course. I’d say it is exceedingly improbable that we are likely to reach our goal of 25. This truly is going to be a program to return into the amounts that are 25% that we have talked about. I think we are in a powerful position entering the COVID situation, and Q2. And that which we have seen naturally, with all the earnings decrease at 14 percent, in total, obviously, corrected for exits is.

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